Why FTSE is Important for
You & Your Coaching Institute

A. Irrespective of where you are studying, FTSE will tell you where you are placed with respect to your race for JEE, 2020. The mere knowledge of this fact could be the single most important aspect / parameter for your Success & Rank in JEE Main & JEE Advanced, 2020.
B. Your Coaching Institute will benefit from FTSE because you will definitely get a much better Rank in JEE Main & JEE Advanced, 2020 and practically the entire credit will go to your Coaching Institute. FIITJEE will only claim the credit for your success up to an extent of the program you join. In line with the ethical practices of FIITJEE, if you are only appearing in FTSE and not enrolling in any of our Programs then you will not be claimed by FIITJEE in any form. Remember, even if you don’t join a program, your experience of appearing in FTSE along with your performance analysis and feedback will help you immensely, and in this case the entire credit of your success will go to your Coaching Institute

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